ETSY Automation through API

Fastrack your ETSY selling experience

Using automation you can save a lot of time by using our tool to expedite your work flow in terms fulfilling orders.
Update all or selected product variations combination in one shot using templates instead of manually updating one by one.
Automatically mark your orders completed and add tracking info once you receive an email that your order has been shipped by the shipper. Our tool will automatically scan your inbox, mark the order completed and add the tracking # to your etsy account using API.

Update all your variations combination in one shot across all products details

Add your shipping tracking info into etsy automatically

Our automation tools lets you concentrate on the things which matter to you the most, I.e building your business

Start Growing right now!

Kafi is a powerful automation tool, which lets you automate the mundane task of maintaining and updating your listings, and pushing tracking information into etsy automatically saving you a ton of time. Contact us to see a demo.

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Our automation tool helps you FastTrack the your etsy selling experience by automating the mundane tasks and letting you focus on driving sales. Get in touch with us and know more about our work.